From Life to Paint

I have never considered myself a painter of landscapes, however, I have a secret stash of plenty in my studio closet that I view as my art hobby.  When I travel I cannot stop myself from drawing and painting what is in front of me.  When walking the dog in the neighborhood, something will catch my eye in the way the light falls or the subtle changes of the seasons. I get ideas that I usually have to and by have to, I mean, I must translate observations into paintings when I get back into the studio. Sometimes I will look to a photo, but most often paint from memory and then take over from there.  I do not have a lot of time to spend on them because I am usually in the middle of two or three other projects so they are not large, 18 x 24 or less. I have noticed that one of the reasons I like to do them is there is a certain freedom and immediacy when work is done only for yourself.  Working on these studies can prove meditative and probably more importantly, fun.  I’ll share a few every now and then on the blog.