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Most recent studies, sketchbook entries and paintings 

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I know for certain that life is always changing . . . but some things linger.  A curiosity about  the influence of memory and the transition of generations arose from the juxtaposition of simultaneously raising children and caring for my mother during her battle with cancer.  My early paintings were rooted in black and white photos found in the family album, antique stores and thrift shops.  Mixed media pieces combined mono print techniques and traditional brush work in an attempt to animate those who had gone before.  My paintings honor a women’s strength, both past and present, in navigating a gender biased world.

The fascination with things that linger in our memory has expanded to explore objects and events past with an eye towards our collective future. A leaning towards abstraction has broadened my craft in both technique and media.  The result is a more intuitive approach to brushwork and a deeper fascination of the indirect approach of printmaking. These days, I find myself interested more in the idea of the thing, rather than the physicality of the thing itself.  My images give the viewer a nudge, but it is for them to create the narrative, much like the fluidity of a memory and an imagined future.