With Liberty and Justice for Some

It seems the perfect time to remember that this country is only strengthened by our openess  and diversity   I am honored to have been invited to participate in this very special exhibition honoring immigrants at the Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles, co-curated by San Francisco artist, Monica Lundy and gallerist Walter Maciel. 

I contributed a portrait of a young friend who came to this country when she was 4 years old.  As an undocumented "dreamer", I have witnessed her long and repeated efforts to become a permanent resident in these uncertain times. She is a hard working, compassionate and talented young woman who is as American as my own children. We are all hoping that the only place that she knows as home will welcome her one day.

The opening was an amazing experience with 1,000 people in attendance.  Over 100 artists from all over the country participated and many traveled to be there that night as well as many locals. It was a bit of a magical evening.  Thank you to co-curators Walter Maciel and Monica Lundy. If you live in Los Angeles the exhibition is running through March. (My piece is 3rd row down, 3rd from the left in the top photo.) Article, Artist's Mobilize: With Liberty and Justice for Some, is here with several images from the show.

In April it will be traveling to the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery and in September to the Berkeley Art Center.