Life Shifts Beneath Us

  The paintings below have their roots in a photograph of my parents first apartment from 1950.  The furniture was part of the scenery of my childhood and in fact, I still have some of the pieces in my own home thousands of miles away.  They give me comfort as tangible reminders of my parents who are passed.  The chair in which my father had serious talks when one of us screwed up now is used by the next generation, having those very similar talks when raising our three teenagers.  I cannot help but think of him in those moments even after all of these years.  The world is filled with uncertainty these days and the thought of things, corporeal as they may be,  that have stood the test of time and in their own way have witnessed history provide a momentary relief and a broader perspective.

I heard someone say, "The world is changing so fast that its like coming home every night and your furniture is in a different place and this happens every day." This painting reflects my efforts at bringing that idea to life.  Its full of flying furniture and windows to the infinite with  reminders from nature that some things will always remain and beauty will find its way eventually.   Life shifts beneath our feet these days.