SHIFT | a journey towards abstraction



“Right now, I’m lost in a transition. The old is dead, and I don’t know what the new is. The only way to find the new is to start different things and see if there’s something that can come out of experimentation. It’s somewhat unsettling, but it’s a hopeful thing in a way.”
                                                                                                                                            David Lynch, film maker and painter

This work is rooted in a time of exploration and transition as the result of a health issue. Trained as a figurative painter, I found all former ways of working to be out of reach, so I slowly developed new artistic practices and habits.  The result was a loosening of style and a experimentation in abstraction.  I am grateful that this necessary evolution opened up a whole new world.   Journey to Abstraction is on the blog. Below is a selection of the 100.