While I have made it a focus of my art, we have all been marking the exit and entrance of a generation or two or three. As much as I appreciate and honor the contributions of past generations, legacy can be a two edged sword. History is the final arbiter of a generation's impact for good or ill and I am afraid history may not be kind in the future.

 The past serves us lessons learned, but is not enough to face the problems current and future generations will face. The present breakneck pace of change can only lead to something new on the other side of the chaos. These paintings, contain a barely visible traditional underpainting covered by painterly layers and fluid ink images reflecting one generation's willingness to relinquish the role of power to next generation. A reflection of the use of the old as scaffolding for something new.   As for the younger and future generations, this is their world that is coming and it is up to their imaginings to create a fair, just and compassionate society. Hopefully, the previous generations will have the wisdom to step aside and provide support and encouragement when the time comes.  It may be now.